Music at The Smiths Falls

Station Theatre

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Please note: The 2pm show on March 10 is SOLD OUT! We have added a 7pm show.

Sunday, March 10 @ 7pm

Step into the world of Johnny Cash as the Station Theatre in Smiths Falls, Ontario proudly presents “The Johnny Cash Songbook,” a captivating tribute to the Man in Black. Embark on a nostalgic journey through Cash’s iconic career of timeless music, stories, and multimedia elements that breathe life into the legendary artist’s compelling narrative.


At the heart of the show is the talented Rob Smith, who now hails from Cape Breton Nova Scotia but was born and raised in Smiths Falls. Rob’s connection to the town adds a personal touch to the performance, making it a heartfelt homage to the musical legacy of Johnny Cash. As the star of the show, Rob channels Cash’s distinctive voice and commanding stage presence, capturing the essence of the country music icon with authenticity and respect.


“The Johnny Cash Songbook” goes beyond a mere musical tribute; it incorporates a multimedia component that adds depth and drama to the tales of Cash’s life. Through carefully curated visuals and narratives, the audience is transported back in time, gaining insight into the highs and lows of Cash’s remarkable journey. The interplay between live performance and multimedia elements creates a truly immersive experience, allowing the audience to feel the pulse of an era that shaped Cash’s music and persona.

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