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If you are an actor and are looking for places to "show your stuff", this page will feature upcoming auditions for The Smiths Falls Community Theatre Group and The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.

If you would like to be placed on an email list, to be notified about auditions, please send an email to The Station Theatre using the subject line - Audition List.

Current Auditions

Enter Laughing, by Joseph Stein
based on the Novel by Carl Reiner

AUDITIONS SCHEDULED BY EMAIL – We are still looking to fill some parts in this show. If interested, please contact the director:

Linda Pipher

(Please use “Enter Laughing” in the subject line)

Production Dates: June 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 and 25, 2023


Loosely based on the life of Carl Reiner, the story takes place in 1938 and focuses on a stage-struck,
woman-loving young Jewish boy from New York named David Kolowitz. David works as a delivery
boy in a sewing machine factory. His boss, Mr. Foreman wants to train him to take over the business.
Meanwhile, David’s domineering parents want him to become a druggist. But David has other ideas;
even though he has no experience, he dreams of being an actor. At his friend Marvin’s suggestion,
David tries out for a part in a play, and somehow manages to get cast. Although discouraged by his
parents and boss, he leaves their dreams and his devoted girlfriend Wanda behind and is soon
performing as the leading man in a third-rate theatrical company while being seduced by the resident
less-than leading lady, the daughter of the hammy artistic director. In his first performance,
everything that can go wrong, does so in hilarious ways.

CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE                                                         
Mr. Foreman (60’s) -David’s boss, Jewish hard working down to earth man, Father figure

David Kolowitz (Late teens/early 20’s) – Awkward young New York Jewish man who thinks
he’s a lady’s man but fumbles when in the company of them. Eager to please. A dreamer.

Marvin (Late teens/early 20’s) – David’s best friend and sidekick, he lives through David

Miss B (mid 20’s) – a “bombshell” beauty secretary, who David wants to date, but she is out of
his league. She is sweet.

Pike (30’s / male or female) – Pike is Marlowe’s right-hand person in the theatre, stagehand,
script reader and general goffer.

Don Baxter*(Late teens/early 20’s) awkward young man who has no talent – very green actor.

Don Darwin* (Late teens/early 20’s) awkward young man who has no talent – very green actor.

Marlowe (40-60’s) – loves the sound of his own voice, in his mind he is producing Broadway
hits, in reality he is off-off-off-off Broadway. He is flamboyant and likes to have a few drinks
from a Mickey (always in his jacket pocket)

Angela (mid to late 20’s) – Marlowe’s daughter, she claims to be the leading lady with all the
answers, but she is a no talent actress in a two-bit theatre going nowhere. More worldly and
street wiser than David.

Mother (40-50’s) – David’s Mother, overbearing and a “typical” 1930’s Jewish New York
Mother – she loves her David, with all the Motherly guilt you could give a child.

Father (40-60’s) – David’s Father, quiet, well spoken, gentle – opposite of his wife.

Wanda (Late teens/early 20’s- David’s girlfriend, wholesome, sweet and totally in love with

Waiter* (20’s up) – this role will be played by one of the ‘Don’ actors.

Roger (20’s) – handsome date of Angela’s who oozes confidence.

Lawyer* (40’s up) – this role will be played by one of the ‘Don’ actors.
*(double role/will be played by either Don character)

Rehearsal Days: Sunday, Monday & Wednesdays, Time: 7-9pm
If you are unable to make the auditions, but are interested, please contact

Linda Pipher

(Please use “Enter Laughing” in the subject line)

**Please note this email is going out to our youth actors list due to the fact that some of
the roles are for late teens/early 20s and some of our HS aged kids could fit these roles.
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