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If you are an actor and are looking for places to "show your stuff", this page will feature upcoming auditions for The Smiths Falls Community Theatre Group and The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.

If you would like to be placed on an email list, to be notified about auditions, please send an email to The Station Theatre using the subject line - Audition List.

Current Auditions

'The Snow Queen' adapted by Stuart Paterson based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson

One of the most beautiful of all fairy tales, the timeless appeal of The Snow Queen lies in its persuading us that life is truly magical. Andersen’s wonderful language surfaces in Grandma’s description of the Snow Queen—”On winter nights when we are asleep she flies silently through the streets and alleyways. Sometimes she stops to look through a window, and when you get up the window is covered with flowers of frost for she has breathed on the glass.” The wicked Snow Queen casts her icy spell on the world, turns young Kay’s heart to ice and takes him away as her eternal prisoner to her Ice Palace at the very top of the world. Gerda, Kay’s friend, must journey forever north and brave many dangers in her attempt to save Kay and break Winter’s grip. Gerda never gives up. She leads us through terrifying ordeals as well as endless fun and nonsense. A long the way Gerda encounters talking ravens, the evil Cobweb Spider, a prince and princess, a band of robbers and the wild robber-girl, greedy polar bears and the brave reindeer who carries Gerda across the artic wastes. This is a wonderful, fast-paced adventure story.


Please note: This is a fairytale with music – not a musical.


Smiths Falls Community Theatre Audition Form

Title of Show: The Snow Queen

Audition Date:  Aug 25th, 6:30-8 and Aug 26th 10-12

Dates and Times of Show: Dec 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2023


Please Ensure That You Have Verified Your Full Availability for All the Scheduled Dates of The Show (as well as the week leading up to the show)


Name:  ____________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________       Phone #s: Home: ____________    Cell: _______________

Email address:   ______________________________________   Age: _____   

If under 16 please provide parent(s) or guardian(s) names: ______________________________________

Recent (within last years) acting experience if any:

Characters according to the script. Bhima (person from Africa), Cobweb Spider, Snow Queen, Kay (boy between 8-12), Gerda (girl between 10-15), Grandma, Scruff (young raven), Peck (aunt of Scruff), King Grin, Prince (teen), Princess Lena (teen), Robber woman, Niko (part of Robber’s gang), Muscles (part of Robber’s gang), Twitch (part of Robber’s gang), Redhead (girl between 10-15 who doesn’t have red hair), Reindeer, Polar Bears (2), Ice Ghosts (4) Some roles can and may be doubled.


Is there a specific role you are most interested in?



Rehearsal schedule will be Sunday and Tuesday from 7-9 for September through to Oct 8. The week of Oct 9 we will take off and will resume Oct 15 when we will begin adding Wednesdays until the show. There will be longer hours if needed closer to the show and the week before opening will be a full week with one dark night.


Please indicate any schedule restrictions or non-availability in the 3 months prior to show opening:



If not cast, would you be willing to assist in any other area? If yes, please indicate which of the following would be of interest to you. Please note that experience is not a requirement:

☐ Youth Supervisor – we need a Youth Supervisor throughout the production schedule when cast members are under 16. 

☐ Props ☐Costumes ☐ Set Construction ☐Set Painting and/or Decoration ☐Sound And Lights ☐Hair/Makeup 

 If you learned about this audition from a friend or social media rather than from being on our audition list or from our newsletter and

would like to know about future opportunities please email:

Is there anything else you would like the Director to know about you?


Thank you so very much for auditioning!!

Director Name

Linda Pipher

Email: Phone: 613-285-6800. Please let me know when you would like to book an audition and I will accommodate as best as I can.