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If you are an actor and are looking for places to "show your stuff", this page will feature upcoming auditions for The Smiths Falls Community Theatre Group and The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.

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Current Auditions

Audition Notice for “Arsenic And Old Lace

By Joseph Kesselring


Performance dates: October 18th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 2024


Audition dates: Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th (both) at 7 pm.


To arrange an audition:

If you wish to audition, please contact Jesse Gibson by e-mail:

Should you not be able to attend these dates, please reach out anyway; if possible, best efforts will be made to arrange another time to see you.


Show synopsis:

Sisters Abby and Martha Brewster are the sweetest, kindest, most generous old ladies you could ever hope to meet, but when their nephew Mortimer, a dramatic critic for a New York newspaper, fresh off of his proposal to his girlfriend, Elaine Harper, discovers a body in their window seat, all hell breaks loose inside the stately Victorian Brewster home.


Throw in the other two Brewster nephews, Teddy, who thinks he’s Theodore Roosevelt, and Jonathan, a homicidal maniac, as well as a slew of beleaguered police officers and their lieutenant, an alcoholic plastic surgeon, a priest, a homeless old man and the superintendent of a sanitarium and you have a recipe for hilarity that’s gone unmatched since the show first debuted on Broadway in 1940.


Cast of Characters:

(in order of appearance)


 – Abby Brewster – F, 60’s; Sister of Martha, Aunt of Jonathan, Teddy and Mortimer


 + The Rev. Dr. Harper – M, 40’s/50’s; Next-door neighbour of Abby and Martha, widower, Elaine’s father, Episcopal Minister; doubles with Mr. Witherspoon; Act 1 only


 – Teddy Brewster – M, 30’s/40’s; Nephew of Abby and Martha, brother of Jonathan and Mortimer, believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt


 – Officer Brophy – M/F, any age; Patrolman, one of New York’s finest, Acts 1 & 3 only


 – Officer Klein – M/F, any age; Patrolman, one of New York’s finest, Acts 1 & 3 only


 * Martha Brewster – F, 50’s/60’s; Sister of Abby, Aunt of Jonathan, Teddy and Mortimer


 – Elaine Harper – F, 20’s; Next-door neighbour of Abby and Martha, Mortimer’s girlfriend/fiancée, daughter of The Rev. Dr. Harper


 * Mortimer Brewster – M, 20’s/30’s; Nephew of Abby and Martha, brother of Jonathan and Teddy, Elaine’s boyfriend/fiancé, a dramatic critic


 + Mr. Gibbs – M, 60’s; Lonely old man seeking lodgings, but finder of maniacs; doubles with Lt. Rooney; Act 1 only


 – Jonathan Brewster – M, 30’s/40’s; Nephew of Abby and Martha, brother of Teddy and Mortimer, homicidal maniac, looks like Boris Karloff


 * Dr. Herman Einstein – M, 50’s; Colleague of Jonathan, plastic surgeon of some distinction, raging alcoholic


 – Officer O’Hara – M, 30’s; Patrolman, one of New York’s finest; Acts 2 & 3 only


 + Lieutenant Rooney – M, 50’s; Beleaguered police lieutenant; doubles with Mr. Gibbs; Act 3, Scene 2 only


 + Mr. Witherspoon – M, 40’s/50’s; Superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium; doubles with The Rev. Dr. Harper; Act 3, Scene 2 only


Casting legend:

+ = Doubled role

* = Returning cast from previous production


Rehearsal schedule:

Rehearsals will be determined based upon cast and crew availability, once the cast has been selected.


If all the zany, wacky madness in this classic farce appeals to you, then don’t wait another moment, e-mail for an audition.


This is going to be a blast, and I look forward to seeing you at the auditions!


Best of luck to you all,

Jesse Gibson, Director, “Arsenic And Old Lace