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The Smiths Falls Community Theatre operates the Station Theatre and produces both plays and concerts throughout the year. 


The Board Members at the time of opening were (left – right); Owen Pardy, Pauline Aunger, Katharine Coleman, Wayne Henwood, Nancy Yunker, Jamie Schoular, Pat Smith, Nancy Lymna, Lynda Daniluk, Lorraine Carter, Patty St. Dennis, Alan Loucks and Nancy Keech. 

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Smiths Falls Station Theatre Background & History

Board Member Tom Foulkes delivers a brief history of the conversion of the CP Station to the Smiths Falls Station Theatre to the annual Ontario Heritage Conference in May 2016. 

Meet our Theatre Administrator

Meet Katharine Coleman. She holds the part-time position of Theatre Administrator at the Smiths Falls Station Theatre. 

Kathrines enthusiasm for The Station Theatre makes her well-suited for the position. She has had a long association with both the Smiths Falls Community Theatre Foundation as a board member and the Station Theatre as a Director and Performer in many productions. 

Along with her regular duties as the Theatre Administrator, she will be continuing her volunteer involvement with directing, acting and coordinating Front-of-House volunteers (ushers, ticket sellers, etc.)