If you are an actor and are looking for places to “show your stuff”, this page will feature upcoming auditions not only at the Station Theatre, but also at surrounding theatres in our region.

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Audition notice for Fort Hemlock, by Emily Duberville


Second round of auditions for this play are scheduled for THIS SATURDAY, April 29th at 10am. Please contact Lynda Daniluk at to schedule your audition.


The Story – Once upon a time, for real, in Smiths Falls the townsfolk really talked “turkey”. The annual turkey fair was one of their main sources of livelihood at the annual Turkey Fair. Even the young ones in town knew how important it was to their way of life. When a mysterious woman comes to town it quickly becomes apparent she is up to no good with some unscrupulous menfolk mostly from Macdonald’s Corners who are determined to make an income in illegal ways. The young ones learn of their plans and quickly set about to foil them. It all comes down to the battle at “Fort Hemlock”!

The production will run from Friday, August 18th, 2017 – Sunday August 27th, 2017.  Show times are 7:30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and the 2nd Thursday and 2pm for Sunday matinees.   At present rehearsals are planned for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings @7pm. This is to leave the summer weekends as free as possible for those joyful cottage or camping times (for those who like to do that kind of thing!)  Please make sure you are available for all dates (including rehearsals) and times.

Auditions will be held at The Station Theatre on Saturday, April 22nd at 2pm and Sunday April 23rd at 1pm . If you are interested in auditioning (even if you cannot attend these audition slots), please contact Lynda Daniluk @ Also please feel free to forward this notice to anyone you think may be interested.

Roles required:

Grandfather: Narrator

Girl & Boy both young, about 10 to 12

Isabella Murphy: (Izzy): a girl of about 14, small for her age. Bit of a tomboy

Will Buchanan: young lad about 14, Izzy’s best friend

Jeannette Hallinan: Girl of about 14

Josie Price: Girl of about 14, Jeannette’s friend

Charlotte Adams: Girl of about 14, Jeannette’s friend

Francis Murphy: Izzy’s father, son of Irish immigrants

Miss Black: Young woman, 30 to 35ish,

Arthur Jones: Young man, between 20 and 30, lock master, also moonlights as a marshal.

Mr Josiah Hobbs: Older man of greasy character.

Ma Dwyer: head of the Gypsy folk in the area,

Joe MacDonald: Young man, about 18 eager but not clever

John MacDonald: Joe’s friend,

James Macdonald: another of Joe’s friends

Mrs. Hallinan: Jeannie’s Mother, mid 30s to 40s

Miss Dolan: very elderly lady

Mrs. Beckett: Grocer’s wife, mid 30s to 40s

Townsfolk multiple roles (may be more than listed, could be some doubling):

Gypsy folk or Travellers, mostly women and children are seen including Marie

Henry: lockman’s assistant

Young male barkeep


Good luck! We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!