Welcome to the Station Theatre in Sensational Smiths Falls

Housed in the former CPR Railway Station, The Station Theatre opened in April 2010 after more than 11 years of planning, fundraising and construction. The 140 seat facility has become a focus for the performing arts in Smiths Falls as well as a sought-after venue for meetings and receptions.

The Station brings the opportunity to the people of Smiths Falls and surrounding area to enjoy live theatre, concerts and movies and to have the thrill of appearing on stage in local productions.



Love endures through warts and chin hairs

You might believe that Bare Bear Bones has a lot of nakedness in it…but, truly…it doesn’t. There are other themes - like air traffic control, lively discussions on cars and vans, and homespun relationship philosophizing.

Bare Bear Bones plays at The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls June 16-25, and this hilarious comedy, written by Michael Grant, is directed by Montague local Sheila Jasiak. It’s funny, thoughtful and bares everything between a middle-aged couple at a hiccup point in their marriage. Jasiak says this is a play many middle-aged couples will relate to - all the warts, all the chin hairs - as well as all the fondness and delight in long term loving.

Jasiak has been there…after SFDCI, St. Lawrence College, Algonquin College, 20 years in the printing industry, marriage plus three children, and bus driving, she finally turned to acting and directing “to feed her creative soul.”Whew! This is a play for those who have endured, learned to laugh at themselves - and who love theatre.

Michael Grant, award-winning Canadian playwright, will be at the theatre with his family, June 17, to answer questions.

There is a scene (which probably doesn’t need much rehearsing) when Bruce (Hugh McCulloch), Frank (Jerry Logan) and Norm (Steve McWade) sit around a campfire, clad in little, drink beer and discuss their marriage woes while at the same time trying to solve Norm’s. It’s one audiences won’t forget.

Other well-seasoned cast members include: Annette Cole as Ruth, Jessica Jasiak as Libby, Valerie Brown as Annie, Nelson McCulloch as Lenny, Christine Winter as Doris, Lucas Tennant as Jasper, and camping sisters Pauline Crowder, Jacqueline Gariepy-Lackey and Cathryn Davidson.





What's Coming Down The Tracks 

June 16-25 - Our next theatrical production Bare Bear Bones by Michael Grant

June 30 - Music Series Steel City Rovers - 8pm