Welcome to the Station Theatre in Sensational Smiths Falls

Housed in the former CPR Railway Station, The Station Theatre opened in April 2010 after more than 11 years of planning, fundraising and construction. The 140 seat facility has become a focus for the performing arts in Smiths Falls as well as a sought-after venue for meetings and receptions.

The Station brings the opportunity to the people of Smiths Falls and surrounding area to enjoy live theatre, concerts and movies and to have the thrill of appearing on stage in local productions.


 Opens TODAY, April 28th!!!



Tough, strong, looking for love…!

Grace Lee acts the part of Laurel in The Chalk Garden opening at The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls April 28 and continuing May 4 - 7. !

Laurel is 16 and lives with her grandmother on a country estate in England in the mid-50s. She’s estranged from her Mom, her grandmother dotes on her and Laurel takes advantage…until her new governess arrives. The governess realizes what Laurel wants, and needs (because of her own sorrowful past) - and things start to change.!

In real life, Lee is 14 and in Gr. 8 at St. Francis de Sales school in Smiths Falls; this is her sixth play. She first appeared in Pollyanna at the age of nine with director Lynda Daniluk (who is also directing The Chalk Garden), and today looks at The Station Theatre as her “second home.”! As her for-real home is filled with family, her on-stage home is filled with theatre-family. This year, in The Chalk Garden, for instance, Krista Duff who plays the “governess,” has played her mother in a previous play, and Rich Croteau who plays Maitland, the “manservant”, has previously played her father. It’s like old-home week…!

“Laurel is seeking attention. She wants someone to care for her. She steals alcohol, lights fires, screams, makes things up” says Lee, “and people won’t stop her.” Her behaviour is tempered somewhat by her strange friendship with Maitland and “without Maitland, Laurel would have lost her way more than she has,” explains Lee.!

Lee sees Laurel as a “sad, sad kid who needs to be loved.” At the beginning of the play, Lee says Laurel is “tough, strong, but weaker inside than she wants people to know.” At the end, when her mother comes to take her home after four years of living with her grandmother, Lee says Laurel “starts to let her guard down.!

“There’s a lot of character development here,” Lee says, adding that she works hard at showing that development.!

The play is full of strong women, each with her own story - the governess with her mysterious past, the grandmother trying to prove her daughter Olivia (Katharine Coleman) wrong, Olivia - married, widowed, re-married and now pregnant - determined to pry her daughter away from her clutching mother, and Laurel, willing at last to leave her grandmother and fly off to a new home to meet her step-father.!

Other members of the cast include Sue Parsons as Mrs. St. Maugham, Terry Watkiss as the Judge, and Lise Nelson as the little lady and the nurse.  "If you don't come to see this play for anything else, see it for the cast,” says Lee. “We have such an incredible cast and crew and they make this show what it is. I'm so grateful and proud to be able to do this play with such talented people. They make this production worth seeing…on top of the incredible story." !

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