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It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing of Pat Smith.

Pat was a founding board member of the Smiths Falls Community Theatre Foundation and was instrumental in the conversion of the former Smiths Falls CPR station into our beautiful Station Theatre.

Pat dedicated eleven years to the project, acting as both Treasurer and Construction Coordinator. Beginning in 1999 when the keys to a decaying building were handed over, Pat supervised, coordinated, worked on and guided every aspect of demolition, restoration and reconstruction.

His policy of “when the money runs out, work stops,” had the beneficial result of the theatre opening in 2010 debt free.

In honour of his tremendous dedication and steady guiding hand, the auditorium was named the Pat Smith Performance Centre at the Gala Opening on April 24, 2010.

Everyone who participates in our theatre, be it on stage, back stage or in the audience owes a huge debt of gratitude to Pat Smith.

“Curtain up, light the lights, you’ve got nothing to hit but the heights”…Rest In Peace – Pat Smith

P1000089-1The recent passing of Canada’s Storyteller Stuart Maclean has brought back many fond memories. Perhaps one of the best is the two sold out shows when he brought the Vinyl Cafe to the Smiths Falls Station Theatre.

Our theatre had been open less than a year when the production vehicle pulled into town and began to set up for the two shows in January 2011. Stuart did his usual thing and wandered around town, meeting people and getting a feel for what makes Smiths Falls tick.

At the time, the theatre shared the building with the VIA train station. With his usual keen eye for detail Stuart noted that, “the Smiths Falls Via station is the only one in the country with two-ply bathroom tissue.”

One of the things about the Vinyl Cafe is that you also get to hear some great music. An invitation to perform at a live Vinyl Cafe show is one that is coveted by any musician. We got to enjoy Hannah Georgas and the duo of Jenny Whitely and Joey Wright.

Unfortunately, we can’t find an archived recording of his Smiths Falls shows, but memories of his wonderful stories will remain as part of the cultural fabric of Canada for years to come.

Here’s a few images of his time at The Station Theatre.

P1000088 P1000094 P1000095 P1000099-1 P1000101 P1000106 P1000112

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