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Who We Are

The Smiths Falls Community Theatre operates the Station Theatre and produces plays throughout the year that appear on our stage.

Original Board

The Board Members at the time of the opening were (L to R): Owen Pardy, Pauline Aunger, Katharine Coleman, Wayne Henwood, Nancy Yunker, Jamie Schoular, Pat Smith, Nancy Lyman, Lynda Daniluk, Lorraine Carter, Patty St. Dennis, Alan Loucks and Nancy Keech.

The 2014-2015 Board consists of

  • President – Roger Sands
  • Vice-President – Katharine Coleman
  • Treasurer – Mike Adams
  • Secretary – Nancy Keech
  • Past-President – Pauline Aunger
  • Members at Large: Tom Foulkes, Brant Daniluk, Jerry Logan, Sheila Jasiak, David Hoffman, Dave Thornley, Pauline Crowder, Tim Bisaillon and Lynda Daniluk.