Play Submissions

Play Submissions for Station Theatre 2019 Season

We would like to invite anyone interested in proposing a play for the Station Theatre’s 2019 season to submit a proposal by June 22, 2018.   Please email your proposal to with the subject 2019 Plays.

Within your email, please include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (phone/email/address)
  • Name of Play
  • Author
  • Genre (example: comedy, drama, musical)
  • Cast size and makeup (ie- ages and genders)
  • Why you think this play would be a good pick for the Station Theatre patrons
  • An indication of whether you (or someone else) has already volunteered to direct the play.

o   If yes, then

  • List past experience in theatre, specific focus on directing.
  • Identify what slot(s) the director is available: February/April/June/August/October/December

We will then contact you to request a copy of the script (complete if possible) for our Selection Committee, which will meet over the summer.

Once the committee has chosen a slate of plays, we will present our selections to the Board for approval. As soon as that has been done, you will be informed of the decision.

Please be aware everyone involved in a show at The Station Theatre must become a member of the Smiths Falls Community Theatre group, and as such, will agree to follow the Code of Conduct as outlined on our website.  The SFCT will also be responsible for all marketing and promotion of the show, in co-operation with each show’s producer.

The following criteria are some of the things we will consider in choosing our season; overall, we remain committed to providing quality entertainment and artistry, and will be open to all suggestions.

* appeal of the play to our target audience (including genre, playwright)

* feasibility of producing the play in our facility (ie- resources, staging)

* overall balance and variety of the season

* costs associated with the play

* please note that there will be a bias towards our set season of play genres that we have been using to date, as this is what we find works for our target audience. This isn’t to say that we are not open to something new that blows us all away. However, preference will be towards the following: Farce, Classic, Comedy, Family, Mystery, Panto.


Thank you for your interest and your submission. If you have any questions, concerns, or if you need clarification, please call Katharine Coleman at 613 283-0300 or email her at